Work with me



I bring expertise on gender, diversity and inclusion to interdisciplinary tech projects. And I work with civil society organisations that make the internet accessible and safe for all.


I specialise in feminist and qualitative research designs. Whether you require empirical, desk based, or online research, I care about research ethics and value an intersectional approach.



I’m available to write articles, reports, white papers, or blog posts that engage with gender, diversity and inclusion at work, in technology, or in data.

Inclusive editing

Language matters. Do you need your web copy, job ads, internal communications or marketing materials checked for gender neutral and inclusive language? I can help.


I facilitate training sessions and workshops on topics related to gender and technology or feminist research. For diversity and unconscious bias trainings I partner with GenderIQ.


I give input lectures, talks, participate in or moderate panels that fall into my areas of expertise. Past topics include gender and surveillance, inclusive leadership, or sexism in the workplace.