Nicole Shephard publications

Queer enough? Categories and norms at the border

2018, Essay for XYZ, Tactical Technology Collective. Read here.


Was hat Überwachung mit Sex und Gender zu tun?

2017, Chapter for Denknetz Jahrbuch, Technisierte Gesellschaft: Bestandesaufnahmen und kritische Analyse eines Hypes. Read here.


Big Data & Sexual Surveillance

2016, Issue paper for APC, Association for Progressive Communication. Read here.


Algorithmic discrimination and the feminist politics of being in the data

2016, Essay for Read here.


Queering Intersectionality: Encountering the Transnational

2016, GENDER Zeitschrift für Geschlecht, Kultur und Gesellschaft, Special Issue Normalität Dekonstruieren: Queere Perspektiven, 8(2), 27-41. Read here.


Book Review: Of Remixology

2016, Of Remixology: Ethics and Aesthetics after Remix by David J. Gunkel. Book Review for LSE Review of Books. Read here.


Book Review: Migration and New Media

2013, Migration and New Media: Transnational Families and Polymedia by Mirca Madianou and Daniel Miller. Book Review for LSE Review of Books. Read here.


Book Review: Becoming of Bodies

2013, The Becoming of Bodies: Girls, Images, Experience by Rebecca Coleman. Book Review for LSE Review of Books. Read here.


Queer Migrations and Straight Subjects

2012, Graduate Journal of Social Sciences, Special Issue Genderd Subjects, 9(3), 30-37. Read here.


Book review: Beaks in the Chain

2012, Review of Breaks in the Chain: What Immigrant Workers Can Teach America about Democracy, by Paul Apostolidis. Social Movement Studies, 11(1), 126-128