Online Harassment

workshop, desk research

Tactical Technology Collective (TTC) was evaluating the barriers to and opportunities for work about online harassment to be more inclusive of diverse communities of activists, human rights defenders, journalists, and other actors.

For this project, I contributed desk-based online harassment research from an intersectional perspective, reviewed the respective literatures, and prepared input for a RightsCon Satellite Session workshop organised by TTC at RightsCon 2017 in Brussels. I co-hosted the workshop with the TTC project leader and later consolidated the results of the desk research with the outcomes of the workshop into a background report.

The workshop was titled “Other than Women: Exploring Harassment and Difference Online” and explored what can be learned from ongoing efforts to tackle women’s online harassment, the contexts and forms of harassment of other targeted groups, how intersectionality might shape our definitions of online harassment differently, or how expanding the focus beyond women’s online harassment might affect research and responses to the issue.

Pictured below are excerpts from the input presentation I’ve prepared for the RightsCon Satellite Session “Other than Women: Exploring Harassment and Difference Online”.

Online Harassment research

Excerpts, Prepared for Tactical Technology Collective (Excerpts)