Gunda Werner Institut


The Gunda Werner Institute at Heinrich Böll Foundation has curated a dossier filled with intersectional perspectives on surveillance. The collection features articles on the terminology around intersectionality & surveillance, on the right to privacy, social sorting, big data and algorithms, as well as the nexus between art and surveillance. I wrote a short introductory article on historical continuities and another piece on gender, big data and data feminism.

Have a look at my two contributions [German] to this dossier below.

Überwachung Intersektional: Geschichtliche Kontinuitäten

The sexist and racist surveillance of women and their bodies has a long tradition. An intersectional perspective on these historical continuities shifts the focus from individual technologies and practices of surveillance used by states and corporations to the power relations that sustain surveillance in the first place. Read the article [German] here.

intersectionality & surveillance

Datenfeminismus: Big Data, Überwachung und Gender

Our everyday activities turn us into data points, regardless whether we produce data or others collect data about us. This piece looks at the power of data, how data is gendered and at an emerging data feminism as a response to state and corporate collect-it-all logics. Read the article [German] here.

intersectionality & surveillance