blogging, writing is a project of the Association for Progressive Communications’ Women’s Rights Programme. The platform serves to bring women’s rights advocates, digital rights activists, academics and journalists from around the world together for an intersectional analysis of gender and technology.

Launched in 2006, is a groundbreaking resource site that provides feminist reviews and commentary on internet policy and culture. It started as a site monitoring policy developments on ICT and gender, and from its beginnings has been unique. Initially it was one of the first sites looking at ICT policy through a gender lens.

Have a look at the blog posts and essays I’ve written for below. They are all in one way or another a side-product of this Issue Paper I’ve written for APC.

What is sexual surveillance and why does it matter?

By the means of a non-definition of the term “sexual surveillance”, this article is about the importance of intersectionality to our thinking/talking/writing about surveillance.

Big Data & Sexual Surveillance
(Original Graphic by Paru Ramesh)

Algorithmic discrimination and the feminist politics of being in the data

This essay on Algorithmic discrimination and the feminist politics of being in the data was published by and included in their edition on feminist perspectives on Economic, Social, Cultural Rights and the Internet. It explores the trade off between a desire and necessity to be included in data and resistance against the non-consensual bulk collection of data from a Human Rights and gender perspective.

Algorithmic Discrimination

Gender, Race, Sexuality and Surveillance

This reading list recommends introductory online resources, books, and articles about the relationship between gender, race, and sexuality on the one hand, and practices of surveillance on the other.

Gender Surveillance reading list