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Feministischer Zwischenruf is a blog curated by the Gunda Werner Institute at Heinrich Böll Foundation. “Zwischenruf” is the German term for interjection or heckle and the blog features feminist interjections into contemporary political debates in a wide range of topic areas. I’ve joined the team of contributors and will be writing about the politics of data and the internet from an intersectional feminist perspective.

Have a look at my first piece [German] in this series below, and stay tuned as the next one will be published in early July 2019.

Ist das Internet noch zu retten?

This piece engages with the feminist implications of upload filters as (indirectly) proposed in the new EU copyright directive. It was published before EU parliament voted in favour of the directive (final result 438 in favour, 226 against, 39 abstentions). My title asked whether the internet was already beyond remedy, and the answer has since shifted a fair bit closer to a “yes”. Read the article [German] for a feminist take on why upload filters are a rather terrible idea.

(Photo: Hanna Prykhodzka, CC-BY 2.0)

Featured image credit Thierry Ehrmann CC-BY 2.0