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Haven't said much on here in a long time and for obvious reasons am now ever less likely to return. Come find me on #Mastodon and we'll ...see how that goes.

I know we've all just been through a lot everywhere, but I call especially on Europeans to share right now with Lebanon. ...

forced convalescence @inkalypse

Hi you can donate to the Lebanese Red Cross here

And for medical supplies to one of the main
...hospitals here

between the explosion and covid this is the most impactful thing rn stop sharing pointless petitions

Sie sind junge*r Expert*in in der Forschung und Entwicklung von #KI?

#Promotion in #Berlin: Für eine neu entstehende KI-Forschungsgruppe suchen wir zu ...Januar-vorbehaltlich der Mittelbewilligung – eine*n Doktorand*in mit #Design/ #UX-Hintergrund:

This Friday at 5pm CET #DisruptiveFridays #8:
Empowerment vs Power - Strategies for Justice & Equality

Sharing experiences from the fight for justice ...& equality, against racism, poverty, marginalization, homelessness, criminalization & police brutality

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