About me

Who I am

I am a feminist researcher, trainer, and consultant and I specialise on the intersections between diversity, work and technology. My varied background and experience in feminist academia, tech and human resources helps me engage with the social implications of the technologies and data that surrounds us in our networked lives.

I am a native speaker of English and German, an experienced remote worker, have developed strong analytical skills, and excel at creatively thinking across disciplines and industries. Since leaving London and the academic realm behind, I am available for projects on a freelance basis.


Areas of expertise

Gender and technology

I use an intersectional feminist approach to think about technologies, the internet, the politics of data, surveillance, and other aspects of our digital lives.

My academic work has focused on gender across my studies in social work and policy, social anthropology and international development, eventually leading to a PhD in Gender Studies at LSE.

Diversity & inclusion

My interest in gender and tech is far from purely academic. I am equally passionate about achieving inclusive and diverse work environments, conferences, and organisations. I suspect this may have something to do with my decade spent as a so-called “woman in tech”. My gender expertise meets insights gained from operational roles in ICT as well as from experience in process- and project management on the nexus between ICT and human resources.

Facilitation & training

I have designed and delivered professional trainings, spoken at conferences, as well as planned and facilitated events and workshops in academic, corporate, and activist settings. At present, I design and facilitate trainings and workshops on diversity and inclusion at work. I have also taught classes and seminars introducing university students to qualitative and quantitative research methods. 

Qualitative & feminist research methods

Extensively trained in both, qualitative and quantitative methods, I specialise in qualitative research, mixed methods design, and feminist methodologies. Whether empirical, desk based, or online, I care about the ethical implications of our methods and data practices. When researching in emerging fields and on innovative topics, I find exploratory, critical, and participatory methods particularly productive.

Skill set

My strength lies in my interdisciplinary background. In addition to honing my research, writing, and gender expertise in academia, the years have seen me design and facilitate workshops and trainings, teach university students, consult for non-profit organisations, conduct retail market studies, edit and manage blogs, speak at conferences, and create and edit web, EdTech and blog content.

In a past life, I’ve also been a contractor in an IT consulting firm, an application manager, and a human resources specialist in the telecom industry.



  • Feminist research design
  • Qualitative research
  • Instructional design
  • Workshop faciliation
  • Inclusive Language Editing
  • Project management
  • Writing


PhD Gender Studies

MSC Intl. Development

BA Social Work &  Policy

Fed. Cert. Business ICT