Who I am

I am a professional researcher, writer, and consultant specialising on the intersections between gender and technology. I draw on a wide range of knowledge, skills, and experience to engage with the social and political implications of the technologies and the data that surrounds us in our networked lives.

I am a native speaker of English and German, an experienced remote worker, have developed strong analytical skills, and excel at creatively thinking across disciplines and industries.

Having left London and the academic realm behind for Berlin, I am now available for freelance research consultancy, writing services, editorial and fact-checking services, or workshop facilitation. Get in touch to find out how I can help with your project, large or small.

What I do

In a nutshell, I help you find innovative solutions to your research needs and provide customised writing services tailored to your audience for print or web.

Each organisation and each project is unique. My versatile expertise and skill set allow me to competently consult on a wide range of research and writing projects. In a time of information overload, I filter signal from noise, help you find the right methods to answer your research questions – or help you find the right questions to ask in the first place.

I can, for example, scope your project and create your research design, write white papers, articles, and research reports, provide background research, conduct literature reviews, or write grant proposals.

I am also more than happy to design and deliver a diversity workshop for your team, write a code of conduct for your event or platform, or make sure your copy is written in inclusive and gender sensitive language.

Or, I can source evidence for your book, article, or report, provide case studies, create training materials, write your speech or presentation, edit and proofread your writing, and help spread the word about your research on your blog.

Areas of expertise

Gender and technology

My academic work has focused on gender across my studies in social work and policy, social anthropology and international development, eventually leading to a PhD in Gender Studies at LSE. I’m particularly interested in using intersectionality and queer theory to think about technologies, the internet, the politics of data, surveillance, and other aspects of our digital lives.

Equality & diversity

My interest in gender and tech is far from purely academic. I am equally passionate about achieving inclusive and diverse work environments, conferences, and organisations. I suspect this may have something to do with my decade spent as a so-called “woman in tech”. My gender expertise meets insights gained from operational roles in ICT as well as from experience in process- and project management on the nexus between ICT and human resources.

Creative qualitative research methods

Extensively trained in both, qualitative and quantitative methods, I specialise in qualitative research, mixed methods design, and feminist methodologies. Whether empirical, desk based, or online, I care about the ethical implications of our methods and data practices. When researching in emerging fields and on innovative topics, I find creative, critical, and participatory methods particularly productive.

Facilitation & teaching

I have experience teaching at university level, where I have taught classes and seminars aimed at introducing students to qualitative and quantitative research methods, including hands-on training with statistical software. Additionally, I have delivered professional training, spoken at conferences, as well as planned and facilitated events and workshops in academic, corporate, and activist settings.

Skill set

My greatest strength is my interdisciplinary background. In addition to honing my research, writing, and gender expertise in academic environments, the years have seen me teach university students, co-edit a blog, speak at conferences, work in digital media and event organisation, work as a create and edit web, EdTech and blog content, be a contractor in an IT consulting firm, as well as an application manager in the telecom industry, and a human resources specialist.

In no particular order, the skill set I was able to develop across these roles includes:

Research design

Project management

Qualitative methods

Academic writing

Internet research

Literature review

Data cleaning & analysis

Gender analysis

Strong organisational skills

Conduct interviews

Survey design

Focus groups

Media & discourse analysis


Article writing

Technical writing


Workshop design & facilitation

Writing for web

Editing & proofreading

Book research

Lateral thinking

Content management



Public speaking

Social media management


PhD Gender Studies
MSC International Development
MSc University of Bristol
BA Social Work & Policy
BA Social Work & Policy, University of Fribourg
Fed. Cert. Business IT
AKAD Zurich, Business IT