6 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers Created by Women

by Nicole Shephard

Depending on what angle you approach it from, the world of podcasts that help you become a better entrepreneur or manage your freelance business can seem a tad bro dominated. I noticed this when I first began feeding my podcatcher with content about freelancing, entrepreneurship, online business and marketing (after a couple of years of mainly listening to academic and serialised fiction podcasts). The first bunch I came across appeared to exist in a fairly self-referential bubble, and it took a while to realise that a few deliberate choices were necessary to expand my horizon podcast-wise!

The following are some of the business podcasts created by women that I’m currently listening to, in no particular order and about a fairly wide range of entrepreneurial topics:

Being Boss

women business podcastsHosts Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson are branding and coaching experts who want to inspire you to “be boss” in your own authentic way and talk you through the mindset, strategies, habits and tools that help you achieve that. They do a mix of interview format episodes and shorter episodes where they share their own takes on pressing entrepreneurial questions. They’re also just very fun and inspiring to listen to! Find Being Boss here!


Rebel Speaker

women business podcastsHost Michelle Mazur offers short episodes of advice on how to improve your public speaking skills. Whether you consider yourself a public speaker or simply want to become more confident in the occasional (inevitable) speaking that comes with being an entrepreneur, you’ll find plenty of actionable advice here. I particularly appreciate that she’s so adverse to selling from stage (unlike many who speak about speaking). Find Rebel Speaker here!


What Works

women business podcastsThis is the recently re-branded “Profit. Power. Pursuit.” podcast hosted by business strategist and marketing expert Tara Gentile. I’ll admit, I much prefer the new title! Content-wise, it’s as insightful as ever and takes you behind the scenes of tried and tested creative businesses to share the strategies and tactics that have worked for them. What Works is mostly in interview format, with a strong focus on the “how” of successful businesses. Find What Works here!


Heart + Hustle

women business podcastsLots of food for thought, inspiration and actionable advice through long-form interviews with women of colour entrepreneurs. Hosts Angelica Yarde and Charisma O’Keefe discusses life, business, leadership, creativity and innovation with their guests. I’ve been only been listening regularly for the past two months, so still have a whole archive to catch up with over time! Find Heart + Hustle here!



women business podcasts Season one ended in December 2017 and I can’t wait for season two to launch. Hosts Katie Linder and Sarah Langworthy talk about how they planned, launched, and run their own businesses. In the process, they discuss issues relevant to anyone straddling academia and entrepreneurship, or leaving academia for to pursue their own creative business. Aha moments and actionable advice abound. Find AcademiGig here!


Online Marketing Made Easy

women business podcastsAmy Porterfield has established herself as an institution in the online marketing world. Her podcast demystifies anything to do with social media, e-mail marketing, blogging, creating webinars and online courses and so on. Part interview format, part expert advice from the host, Online Marketing Made Easy works best as an actionable archive to be tapped whenever you work through online marketing questions in your business. Find Online Marketing Made Easy here!


Podcasts are an excellent way to learn and be inspired while walking, driving or cleaning house. The links take you to the podcasts’ respective websites, but they are all available to subscribe to via the usual podcatchers too (that’s how I listen to them). I hope you have a listen and enjoy some of these women-led podcasts for entrepreneurs and freelancers!

women business podcasts

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