Dr. Nicole Shephard

Hello, my name is Nicole Shephard.
As a researcher, trainer and consultant, my area of expertise is where gender, diversity and inclusion meet technology & the politics of data.
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Things I’m working & collaborating on

I collaborate with GenderIQ as a consultant and trainer for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We create tailored diversity trainings that we deliver in-house for companies and organisations, as well as shorter workshop formats on topics like sexism in the workplace or unconscious bias. Currently we’re working on expanding with e-learning solutions for individual and corporate customers.

The Feminist Internet Research Network (FIRN) is a collaborative and multidisciplinary project led by APC. It supports eight research projects from across the Global South and Eastern Europe that focus on the thematic areas of access, datafication, online gender-based violence, and the gendered digital economy. I’ve joined FIRN as a member of the advisory committee.

Some writing

Check out a selection of my public facing articles and blog posts!

I mainly write about gender and technology or diversity and inclusion in the workplace. But sometimes I branch out!


How can I help?

I’m available on a freelance basis for:

Consultancy and research projects

Training design and facilitation

Writing and speaking engagements


Get in touch!

Do you have questions about the projects I’m involved in?

Let’s talk about gender and technology, feminist data practices, diversity and inclusion, or anything else you’d like to discuss with me.


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